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How to Confidently
Ask For a Raise


Did you know that men make 20% more than women on average? I'm here to help you close that gap and the first step is working towards asking for a raise.

I'm so glad you're here. Many of us struggle to ask for a raise; and trying to do it with confidence can be intimidating. You are in the right place if you're ready to feel more confident in asking for a raise!

During this training you'll:

  • Go through an exercise to reflect on your role and how you've grown since starting in your position

  • Have a clear understanding of what you were hired to do and clearly see the additional responsibilities you've taken on

  • Gain self awareness of what you've taken on for responsibilities and projects as well as how you're performing in your role

  • Recognize what you can start doing to prepare for the highest raise right now

  • Have everything written out clearly to help you see why you deserve a raise, it's easy to see when it's all written out and organized

  • Gain access to an email template as well as conversation starters and tips to start the discussion with your leader

  • Feel confident in having the conversation around asking for a raise and having the black and white data showing why you deserve it

Download this document before starting. It has all of the notes for both videos for you to reflect on as well as the email template and other conversation starters.

Finish all of what you need from part 1 before you start part 2. 

If you took this training and it helped you grow your confidence in asking for a raise, I'd love your feedback!

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