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Hi, I'm Nichole

I'm a wife and mother of two sweet daughters.

I love snowboarding, I feel so at peace when I am up on the mountain and I feel very inspired with new ideas and content.

Me and my husband and our family + friends love to play board and card games. We play Carcassonne, Catan, Avalon, and many others. My husband is all about supporting new board games that pop up through Kickstarter.

We love to go fishing and camping, I especially love our annual trip to Fish Lake to have competitions with how many Perch fish we can catch and release.

I love road trips with my girlfriends or sisters- wherever we end up, it's always the best time!

parents holding children in matching outfits
Nichole wants to help you with career development, to help you get promoted at work, and to help with women empowerment
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