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I help women get promoted at work

by building a foundation of leadership to set you up for success


I'm Nichole Harrop

I have been in a leadership role in the corporate world for 7+ years and I know how to take each woman's individual strengths to the next level on their journey to get promoted.

Erika S.

I worked with Nichole professionally for 2 years. She naturally radiates true examples of resourcefulness and resiliency and I personally always felt I could count on her for anything. When it came time to move forward with my educational and career goals, Nichole was incredibly supportive and helped me realize my potential though it meant leaving a job I worked hard for and really cared about. If anyone is looking for someone to provide meaningful coaching and who will have your best interest at heart, Nichole is your woman!!

Sarah Levorsen

Nichole is an amazing role model and a great example of true leadership. She is positive and pushes me to do better personally and professionally. I am so grateful for her guidance!

Candice C.

Nichole has been an incredible mentor in my life! She was such a great resource! She helped me to understand my strengths and how to build upon those. She took the time to understand my personality to determine if it was easier for me to learn by reading material or more with visuals. Nichole was a leader who led by example! I’m super grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life!

Ellora Wardrop

Nichole is a total badass. I had the opportunity to work closely with Nichole for quite a while, and during this time I knew I could rely on her for great feedback and coaching. I think Nichole is an incredible example for women who are looking to expand themselves both personally and professionally. She is genuine, hard working, and you’ll find that throughout working with Nichole that she truly cares about you and wants you to succeed.



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