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I help women own their confidence and advance in their career

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Nichole has helped women earn over $115,000 in raises so far

What women are saying

When I first met Nichole I had applied for SO many jobs, I really needed a job with a higher salary for my family's needs and I was really looking for that next step up in my career; I had gotten to the top of where I could be in community level non profits. I kept getting similar feedback from interviews that I really couldn’t make that jump from community non profits to a larger more complex organization.


Nichole helped me to prepare for some interviews and for what ended up being my dream job. We talked it through and I knew this was like the hundred millionth interview I had been on in the last couple years. I felt so super confident and so calm going into those interviews and they told me they had over 300 applications, about 150 they considered bringing in for interviews potentially. I ended up getting the job offer. It was little tweaks that Nichole helped me make to help me feel so super confident and give the best answers that I could and I am so grateful to her for that and I can’t wait to start my new job!

Working with Nichole has tremendously helped my experience working in the tech industry. Nichole has such an inspiring professional background that she combines beautifully with her genuine personality to create a wonderful mentor and coach. Since working with her, she has helped me identify limiting beliefs, guided me towards more leadership roles, and supported me towards a promotion! I am super grateful that I was able to connect with Nichole and would highly recommend her to any woman that is eager to grow in their career.

Sonja Olson

Software Engineer

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I was really struggling with feeling confident about my resume and my ability to successfully apply for and land a new job when I started working with Nichole. She helped me get my resume in great shape and helped me craft a cover letter template I can easily tailor to every job application. She has turned my job applying process from a huge stress and anxiety burden into a straightforward and easy process. Because of her background in hiring and interviewing she has been able to show me the process of interviewing and landing a new job from the point of view of someone working in a hiring department. This has been huge for me because it turned the hiring process from a scary intimidating unknown to a straightforward and human process. In addition to this, Nichole is always available for additional support via email. She responds in a timely manner with thoughtful and helpful responses. She has been a tremendous support for me during this process!

Emily Merrill


Danielle L.

US Chamber Of Commerce Foundation